Above Photo
Executive Director, Scott Boehme, Director of Operations, David C. Schaberg with Michigan State Representative, Mike Rogers.

Above Photo
Executive Director, Scott Boehme, recording a piece of audio.

Above Photo
Executive Director, Scott Boehme, with radio personality and good friend, Jack Robbins at the East Lasing Crystal Award for a live audio stream on the Internet.

Above Photo
Director of Operations, David C. Schaberg with WKAR radio Sports Directory Earle Robinson doing an Internet feed of East Lansing High School varsity Basketball on saidnews.org.

Above photo
Recording of an audio track for a nationwide presentation for the Michigan Department of Community Health.

    The Society for Accurate Information and Distribution, a 501(c)3 Foundation

      Post Office Box 4872
      East Lansing, Michigan 48826
    Phone: (877) 902-3030
    FAX:    (000) 000-0000
    Website: http://www.wallofnews.net/
    E-mail: contact@saidnews.org

History of Business:
The Foundation started as a website because the East Lansing School board was having trouble communicating with parents and citizens during difficult economic times.

The Website: www.saidnews.org was created so that audio recordings of school board meetings could be downloaded, unedited. At the same time, strong effort was used to bring better communication skills to the board and Superintendent.

Within a few weeks the City of East Lansing was added with live audio streaming and audio downloads. This effort brought both the School and the City into better harmony with the parents and citizens. Based upon the principal that better information allowed for better decisions by everyone.

Special points of interest:
The Foundation has aided the CDC, Michigan Department of Community Health, Fox News, ESPN, many elected officials to understand the technical behind the issues, and several communities, and school districts.

Product or services offered:
www.saidnews.org, the Wall of News (wallofnews.net), Quad County News (quadcountynews.com) , Voice to the World (vttw.com), Championship Sports (championshipsports.us), FoundationRadio.net, FoundationRadio.org, FinditFast Directory (www.saidnews.org/Commercial_Directory/FinditFast-1.htm), United States Presidents (www.saidnews.org/History/United_States_Presidents/presidents.htm), Constitutions (www.saidnews.org/constitutions/constitutions.htm), Find Michigan Now(www.saidnews.org/Michigan/Find-Michigan-Now.htm), What I Do do NET(www.wallofnews.net/whatido.net/widnet.htm).

FM Radio Stations:
WJKQ 88.5, Jackson, Michigan
WAQQ 88.3, Onsted, Michigan

The Vision:
The Foundation from its inception as a website has always worked to provide accurate information and positive entertainment to make everyone's life better through enabling everyone to make better decisions. Positive family entertainment in order for everyone to feel better about themselves and others.

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