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Phone: (989) 687-7880


    Billy Bones
    "It's a great thing to feed folks," say's the Legendary BBQer Billy Bones of Sanford.

    W. E. Wall Catering and Billy Bones BBQ has been in operation since 1976 and is considered in many circles to be the most respected outdoor caterer in the midwest.

    After thirty-years, Billy has formed a cult-like following consisting of those who just love life and love and food!!

The Teledo Rib Cook Off. Portside Festival Marketplace, Bill wall stands by a child of "THE FAMILY" work of art, at the Marketplace showing his packaged ribs ready to put on the grill.


Celebrating Over 30 years of Excellence!

    Billy Bones & crew have traveled the entire United States & Canada, winning state and national barbecue competitions. We hold over 200 awards over fifty first place finishes.

    Proudly serving you with the finest barbecue (BBQ) sauce, chili mix,dry rubs, and hot sauce in these USA. Weather you want it smoked,spiced,seasoned,or hot,give ole Billy Bones a call and we'll treat you right!

    Billy Bones distributes many of his award winnings seasonings and sauces nationwide. These products are-original, tangy with a hot smoky bite, mild is the same flavor without the bite, secret formula, dry rub seasonings and even famous jalopena hot sauce, All of our fine products are available in several varying sizes.

    The fire breathing hog logo is a registered trademark of W. E. Wall BBQ.

    Billy Bones BBQ
    751 Saginaw Road
    Sanford, Michigan 48657
    Phone (989) 687-7880

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